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Tucson wife and mom Anita Kellman, had worked in the medical field for nearly 30 years as a clinical liaison for patients undergoing biopsies and other procedures, when at an outdoor Navy Seals–style “boot camp” class she met a woman who had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Inspired by her new friend and the obvious benefit of the class in her recovery, Anita, a fitness enthusiast, adapted the boot camp techniques she had learned to create an intensive support group built around physical fitness—and Tucson’s first Beat Cancer Boot Camp was born. With multiple weekly sessions in a local park, the boot camp is held on a custom-designed exercise course, which offers participants fresh air and freedom to move. Anita does not charge and is not compensated for her classes. Her mission is to see this powerful program expand across the country to empower cancer survivors to take charge of their health while conditioning their bodies and minds for healing—free of charge.

An article from KVOA-TV. March 4, 2016

Tucson ‘Sarge’ fighting cancer through Boot Camp

An expert in Tucson is helping locals fight cancer in a motivating way. It’s a boot camp that’s designed to kick bodies into health.

Anita Kellman, known as ‘Sarge’, has been leading “Beat Cancer Boot Camp” classes for a decade. First, just in Tucson, but the program quickly exploded and gained national attention. Now, it’s licensed and you’ll find classes like this all over the country.

“Research is out there that exercise is important in prevention of cancer in reoccurrence of cancer,” said Kellman. “It’s important that anyone who is diagnosed with cancer stay physically active. It helps your immune system. It helps you beat the cancer. It helps you through the treatment. So exercise plays a very important role.”

That’s why Kellman created Beat Cancer Boot Camp and why people like breast cancer survivor Jessica Zarling get so much out of these classes. The camaraderie is an added bonus.

“Not even to just be physically fit but I think exercise plays a part in mentally being able to get out there,” said Zarling. “A short walk around the block just to clear your mind. Put some music on just to get out. Doing whatever you can.”

Beat Cancer Boot Camp

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